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Terry McCutcheon

Terry was born and raised in the Blackhill area of Glasgow and is a proud Glaswegian. He was rescued from a life of addiction in September 2001 and became a Christian one week later. Since his conversion he has been developing his skills and knowledge in Christian ministry and addiction services. His formative years were…

Alan Guy

Alan was born and raised in Bellshill and moved to Glasgow in his early 20s. He became a Christian in 2003 after experiencing God’s grace in recovery from alcohol addiction which then led him to Christ and the gospel of forgiveness. Having worked in the exhibition industry for seven years he also served as a…

Glen Adams

Glen joined the team in 2023 as our part-time Financial Administrator. Glen currently is an Accounting & Finance student at Strathclyde University. Glen is a member of Greenview Church, an avid sports fan and enjoys endurance running in his spare time.  

Nicki Adams

Nicki was born and raised in Edinburgh. She become a Christian at 15 and after working as a nanny for many years she later studied for her honours degree in theology at International Christian College in Glasgow. It was here that she met her husband Colin. They have four children, Glen, Rebekah, Grace and Beth. …