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Road to Recovery Day Programme

Our Road to Recovery Day Programme is non-residential and runs in blocks of 15 weeks. It is held in our city-centre premises, making us easily accessible from anywhere in Glasgow and beyond. Our programme runs 3 days per week – Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The content of the group-work addresses both the practical and the spiritual nature of addiction helping participants understand their addiction and equipping them with the necessary tools to break free from a life of slavery. Overcoming a lifetime of addiction can take much longer than 15 weeks, so in many cases participants repeat the programme several times. Participants must also attend a minimum of two Road to Recovery Evening Meetings per week.

Although there are many health issues connected to addictions, we believe the Bible teaches addictions are an issue of the heart. Ultimately, all addictions are a worship disorder. Therefore, the Gospel is such good news to those with addictions; only the Gospel can bring about the real and lasting change those with addictions require. We were made for worship, not to worship created things but the Creator himself. 

Those wishing to be considered for a place on the Day Programme must meet relevant criteria and undergo an assessment. 

For further information please contact Terry.