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Festive Meals

Held on New Year’s Day, our Festive Meal is a very important part of the all-year-round support that we provide. Our services never close. Understandably, most support organisations close over the festive period, yet this is a time when folks need support the most, especially if they are early in the recovery process. It can be a vulnerable and lonely time, particularly if broken and damaged family relationships have not been repaired. It is difficult having to spend the Festive period alone, apart from your family or your children, but as difficult as that is, probably the hardest thing is knowing that the situation you find yourself in, in most cases, is of your own making. That would cause anyone mental and emotional anguish and for some of those in recovery it can be the basis for picking substances back up again. This is why Hope for Addiction UK’s festive meals are such an important part of our provision – so that our friends and their families have the opportunity to spend the day in a safe, substance-free environment.