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Road to Recovery Evening Meetings

We have Evening Meetings that are held in partnership with local Gospel churches in various locations across the UK. These meetings provide support for a wider community with past and present addiction issues. At each meeting, a Christian with a background of alcohol or drug addiction will share what their life was like, what happened and what their life is like today. This is a great environment for sharing mutual encouragement, picking up practical and biblical wisdom and making new friends. For those on the Road to Recovery Day Programme it is compulsory to attend two Evening Meetings per week. This gives them access to a wider support network and offers them on-going aftercare support when they finish the Day Programme. 

We believe the local church is central to addressing the addiction issues in our city and beyond. Therefore, our Road to Recovery Evening Meetings are held in partnership with local Gospel churches. This enables us to reach into the very heart of our communities, creating pathways into good Bible teaching churches while at the same time, strengthening and widening the ministry of the local church. In all of this, our hope is to reach, disciple and train local people to serve in their own communities.

For further information about partnering with us, please contact Terry.