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Terry McCutcheon

Terry was born and raised in the Blackhill area of Glasgow and is a proud Glaswegian. He was rescued from a life of addiction in September 2001 and became a Christian one week later. Since his conversion he has been developing his skills and knowledge in Christian ministry and addiction services. His formative years were spent working for The Open Door Trust, Glasgow. He also spent two years working in Rainbow House Residential Rehabilitation Centre. After studying Preaching and Theology on the Cornhill Training Course, followed by the Pastors’ Training Course, he served as an Associate Minister at The Tron Church for 7 years. In August 2016, burdened to reach those lost in addiction, he left that position to set up Hope for Glasgow, which is now Hope for Addiction UK.

Terry is married to Charlene and they have four young sons, James, Andrew, Wee Terry & Philip. In his free time he enjoys meeting with friends, playing the guitar and singing, watching football and drinking tea.